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Jumaat, 20 Julai 2012

Zaman Bodek PM dah berakhir - Najib.

Najid said ;
"So I do not want you to support me simply because you want to support me or because I am the prime minister so you want to put me on a pedestal. "If you say you want to 'bodek' the PM, the 'zaman bodek PM' has ended," -TMI-

And he also told this to the group of press ;
"Not because of anything else... not because you fear the PM. You don't need to be afraid, I cannot transfer you any more... you no longer need to fear me, but you respect me and that is why you support me," he said. -TMI-
Tocer najib. Akhirnya dia mengaku juga.

kah kah kah

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