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Rabu, 11 Mac 2015

Jho Low Hilang, PETRONAS Pusing Dunia Cari Dana, Siapa Individu Misteri Dedah Dokumen Sulit 1MDB - Baca Kupasan Ini.

Aku terpaksa screenshot satu persatu. Ini kerana ada kemungkinan blogger berkenaan akan membuang penulisannya andaikata diserang UMNO bertubi2. Ketika ini jelas kita dapat melihat bagaimana UMNO vs UMNO dan Najib sedang berusaha membentuk persepsi positif tentang 1MDB.

Baca apa yang dilaporkan oleh blogger UMNO tentang perkembangan proses menjatuhkan Najib dan juga 1MDB.

The last time we did this, that picture was posted on Facebook as well as on this Blog.  It created quite a hoo haa. This time no pictures but I managed to get the signatures. Yup this is the attendance list. You will recognise only one signature here.

The others are all well known, including that ex bank chairman who wrote that book recently. 

Have to rush for another meeting - site visit, its a cari makan meeting. Will update after lunch.

Plenty interesting stuff. Do come back. 

Ok here is the update. 

1. UMNO VP Shafie Apdal was also NOT at Sunday's meeting with the division heads.  That means the deputy president and one VP were absent.  Johor and Sabah also saw the largest number of absent division heads.

2. The division heads were hoping to secure projects. Thats why they bothered to come.  Other than money,  there is no indication of any real soild support for Naib.  Unless of course Najib can provide a boatload of lepat pisang to satisfy the troop. But boatloads of lepat pisang are not easy to come by anymore.

3. That other moron who said that '1MDB was the goose that laid the golden eggs' was actually being clever. The suggestion is that some of the money  siphoned from 1MDB by Jho Low may have made a round trip and distributed as ang pow to the "deserving" and the "needy".  He he he. That is the real meaning of "goose and golden egg".  That comment was aimed specifically at those in the inside loop who have already got some "golden eggs".  You and me, Mr Taxpayer, have got nothing from 1MDB. 

4. Talk is Muhyiddin Yassin is not agreeable to a 'no contest for top positions' at next year's UMNO party polls. Najib was hoping to clinch a sort of consensus on 'no contest for top party positions' at Sunday's meeting but since this idea does not seem feasible it was not brought up.  So there will be a contest for all the top party positions  next year.
The suggestion now is to pair up Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal to take on Najib & who? Najib and Zahid?  Najib and cousin Hishamuddin? 

5. With regards to 1MDB,  Najib is also playing his spineless 'lalang' game again. He is now washing his hands of any wrong doing.  So whoever was involved in this 1MDB fiasco had better watch out. This includes the BOD, past and present managements etc. Najib is the expert on being a 'lalang'.

And because of Najib's 'lalang' behaviour,  Jho Low is also beginning to feel the pressure. Hence Jho Low's instruction to yet another set of lawyers in New York to release that recent statement to the Press, saying neither this nor that.

6. Jho Low has disappeared. No one knows where he is. Since The Inspector General of Police has said that he will investigate, together with the AG and the MACC, even the Prime Minister over the 1MDB issue, it means the Police will ultimately have to question Taik Jho Low.  But he cannot be found. No one knows where Jho Low is now. The suggestion is for the Police to request Interpol to start tracking down Jho Low starting today.  Tan Sri IGP please dont tell us that Jho Low cannot be found. We all know that already. 

7.  There are many other parts to the 1MDB fiasco that we dont know about. There is another company, an 1MDB subsidiary called SRC that also borrowed RM4 billion. No one knows what happened to that RM4 billion. Some say it was invested in some mining deal in Mongolia.  That RM4 billion is  gone.  And predictably, SRC has now been transferred back to Minister of Finance Inc. It is still 100% taxpayer owned (thats you and me folks) but RM4 billion has gone kaput. Money gone. 

8. The suggestion is that the 1MDB fiasco is going to really 'stick' on Najib and Jho Low. The Mrs. will escape because she did not sign anything. She is not an office bearer. She is just a housewife who has to beg her husband for RM1200 every two weeks to pay her hair dresser.  

The documents in the possession of Sarawak Report are too damaging. Apparetly the entire stash of detailed documentary history about 1MDB has been made available to two other individuals, other than Sarawak Report.  I will not mention their names but one is Chinese and the other is a Malay guy. 

The question is 'Who is the source of the thousands of pages of leaked 1MDB documents?' And why did this source pick the Sarawak Report, the Chinese guy and the Malay guy to leak out the info? The "source" is as mysterious as Bit coin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

"Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be in possession of roughly one million bitcoins. At one point in December 2013, this was the equivalent of US$1.1 billion.[7] Nakamoto's true identity remains unknown, and has been the subject of much speculation. It is not known whether the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" is real or a pseudonym, or whether the name represents one person or a group of people"

Very careful thinking was involved. Pendek kata Najib's goose is thoroughly cooked.  

9.  The IGP's statement that the Police will investigate 1MDB with assistance from the MACC and the AG's Chambers is strong suggestion that this 1MDB volcano is coming close to full eruption.  Just two weeks ago, the IGP would not have said any such thing. The trigger is Muhyiddin Yassin's recent strong statement that 1MDB should be investigated transparently and independently.  Muhyiddin's absence at Sunday's meeting further reinforces the feeling that the end is near. The Police can  read between the lines.

10. Other than buying a super yacht, buying a building in the US for US$50 million, Taik Jho Low has also bought a painting for US$48 million. That is already about RM400 million. That is using the money siphoned out from1MDB - our money folks.

11.  The Malaysian Ringgit is now no more accepted by money changers in Manila. They say the Ringgit's value does not hold. The Ringgit is falling. The Thai Baht is now at 100 baht for RM11. Before it used to be RM9++.  The market capitalisation of the Bangkok Stock Exchange has also exceeded the market cap of the KLSE. We are going down folks. Down, down, down.

12. The gomen had asked Petronas to hand over all their profits as dividends. When Petronas balked, the suggestion was that Petronas should go out and borrow money to fund their business. Folks, the gomen of Najib Razak is short of funds.

13. A comparison was made with Argentina during the time of Eva Peron. Surprisingly Eva Peron was only the wife of the dictator Juan Peron. She was also a housewife who had her hair done. During her time, the peoples' money (pension funds etc) was siphoned out of Argentina. The govt ran short of money and started to print currency notes. The result was that the value of the Argentine currency (peso?) collapsed. Inflation in Argentina reached over 1000%. The people suffered tremendously. The same thing can happen to Malaysia. Billions of Ringgits have already been siphoned out by 1MDB. And dont forget the little mentioned SRC that took out an RM4 billion loan. Where did that money go? 

14. Petronas has sunk over RM40 billion in a failed project in Canada. Now even Petronas is short of working funds. 1MDB's other borrowings exceeding RM40 billion are also falling due. 1MDB's gomen guaranteed bonds are now trading at junk bond level, with effective interest rates exceeding 7%. Can you imagine folks, our Goverment of Malaysia guarantee is now priced at over 7% interest rate. You and I can walk into a bank today and get a car loan for 6%.  But 1MDB's govt guaranteed bonds are now paying over 7% interest ! !  Having been a banker, this makes me want to cry.  Who is responsible for this?  Will they get away scot free?

15. The country is sitting on  the edge of a cliff.   I hope there will not be hyper-inflation in Malaysia.  Let us all focus our energies to make sure that we do not suffer hyper-inflation. But even a two digit inflation rate will be disastrous for us.  
There has to be a change in leadership. Otherwise we may not have a country  left.
Sumber : sini.
Merujuk kepada point no 12. Ini ada sesuatu yang korang semua patut baca dan mungkin berkaitan dengan penulisan di atas.
Rujukan : sini.

Betul la orang kata singkatan 1MDB yang sebenarnya ialah 1 Malaysia Dalam Bahaya.. Pehhhhh.. gelabah gak aku baca satu persatu point2 di atas..


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